A Word on Traditions

St. Louis Bread Company’s (Panera Bread for those poor souls outside of Saint Louis) marketing campaign this Christmas has the slogan “Create New Traditions” on their coffee cups.  I love it since I am constantly encouraging people to reevaluate their traditions.

Traditions can be tricky business. They can become legalistic and void of deep, soul-satisfying meaning. They can become a light drizzle when a parched land needs a downpour. They can become locks to doors no one ever wants to open again. Truly the danger of traditions is making the tradition the destination and not the vehicle.

Traditions are the vehicle that take us to our destination. All too often we become confused about the why of traditions. When this happens it is similar to being in a matchbox car being slung around a rubber track that does loop-d-loops with all kinds of interesting corkscrew turns. But it is cyclical and over time becomes nauseating. When we treat the vehicle as the destination the result, while it may look comedic from the outside, is deathly dangerous . For it kills the passion that is meant to be invoked through it.

Simply, traditions are tools. Nothing more. But these tools can have a sanctifying effect when used appropriately. For this reason I have put together a page that brings together the reasons behind the “why” of traditions as well as a few examples on how we do traditions as a family.  Enjoy!

Why Do Traditions? 18 Reasons to keep traditions

Traditions As An Act Of Love: Reason #1 to keep traditions

Joyful Traditions Is Not An Oxymoron: Reason #2 & 3 to keep traditions

Is It Time For Santa To Hit the Egress In Our Traditions: Reasons #4 & 5 to keep traditions

Why We Should All be Like Texans in Our Traditions: Reasons # 6 & 7 to keep traditions

Traditions are Mores Than Meet the Eye: Reason #8 to keep traditions

…still being updated…

Examples of Traditions Observed in Our Family’s Life


Bookends: Christmas

Our Nativity Scene: Christmas

Preparing for Easter

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Easter

Father’s Day for Dummies: Father’s Day

Today is Pentecost

A Memoir: Thanksgiving Poem

For the Sweet Mother In My Life: Mother’s Day (Satire)

A Toast to Friends: St. Patrick’s Day and Commemorating Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day Love Letter (Satire)

To Treat or Not to Treat: Halloween

Markers in Our Life

A Chronology of Cars

Jobless for a Year

Happy Katrina Day!

A Commemorative Psalm: Anniversary

My Most Famous Recipe of All: Anniversary

Narcissistic Birthday

Happy Birthday to You

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