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April 3, 2010

Saturdays are for Stories…Easter Style

March 28, 2010

Crazy Week

Never has the world experienced a week comparable to the week of Calvary. The man who impacted history more than any other rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Satire couldn’t come up with a more seemingly comical scene than the invisible God who spoke the universe into existence as one who rode into Jerusalem on a dusty and rocky road on the back of an ass while people hailed “Hosanna! Hosanna!” while throwing palm leaves and coats upon the ground to mark his royal entry.  Striking is this is the closest his creation comes to praising him, honoring him and giving him his due. The rest of the week has its tumultuous turns offering emotional highs and lows – the trashing of the money changers, the establishment of the observance of the new covenant as the ultimate completion of the passover Seder, all his disciples abandoning him, Peter denying him, Judas betraying him, the sweating of blood under the yoke of the cross placed before him, the illegal arrest and criminally unjust trial, torture, whipping, beating, spitting, gambling, general disregard, carrying the immense weight of the cross, handing his mother over to John for care, experiencing the penalty of wrath as an innocent, his Father forsaking him and many other things. It strains my conceptual abilities to consider the anxiety of the knowledge of the heavy pain of sin placed upon his righteous shoulders while experiencing the immense relief to be able to say simultaneously “It is finished.” The plan that was formed and followed through before the foundation of the world was finished – at the perfect time completed. There he sweats, bleeds and breathes his last while hanging on a deplorable splinter-fest of an icon that rightly becomes an image reminding all of the evils people can imagine. But this icon becomes a symbol of hope as Passion Week ends with an empty tomb and the Prince of glory resurrected from the dead.  So what week can compare to this week which we begin to celebrate? The week that includes the day when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Savior and God – both the living and the dead. While I was not in Jerusalem some two thousand years ago I look longing toward the one I will be at in the future as I celebrate the new covenant – a covenant I can never break because it is bound in Jesus’ blood and righteousness from faith through grace in Jesus to all those who would believe.