Multi-Site Churches

Here are three links that have interested me as I’ve thought about the validity and issues behind having a multi-site church. The first is a friendly jousting between Mark Dever, Mark Driscoll and MacDonald. It is a short video. The second video is about an hour-long and it is a panel discussion done at Southern Seminary with Al Mohler guiding the discussion. Between the two debates I would say that what I would like pursued more in-depth is a discussion on the Greek word (ekklesia) used in the New Testament for the local body of believers.

The last link is a letter from a site/church of a local multi-church – The Journey. True to  how they (The Journey) understand each site to being its own church and in close relation to what Driscoll and MacDonald say, this letter is about a site becoming its own church apart from The Journey. It seems to be a wonderfully healthy testimony to what proponents of multi-site churches claim.


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