Praying Missionally

A good axiom about prayer for the majority of us is that if we don’t have triggers to keep us on target our minds tend to wander. This certainly is not categorically true, but I think it is mostly true of most people when they pray most of the time. 🙂

For that reason it is always a good idea to pray with the Bible open so you can pray Scripture into your life. A prayer journal is also a great tool to rely on everyday. Of course there is also prayer tactics such as ACTS and IOU and concentric circles in your prayer life. All good ideas.

Let me now propose another prayer tool for you to stay vigilant in keeping the whole of God’s Great Commission in view as you pray. The Joshua Project highlights a different  unreached or mostly unreached people group every day. You can even have them email them to you every day.

My family has incorporated this tool into our nightly devotional time. I’m trying to get my blog to post it too, but so far my attempts have failed – so until then sign up for their emails.


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