NCAA Football Fiasco

The Big 12 Controversy has thrown me for a loop. I can’t seem to figure out up from down, north from south or  Nebraska from Ohio State lately. What really has me perplexed are two facts that have left me bewildered: Fact #1: The Big 12 is the only conference in the last decade that has legitimate claim to the best collegiate football conference outside of the SEC. Fact #2: Teams like Nebraska and Missouri have legitimate issues with the domineering bullying of Texas primarily. Fact #3 (who cares if I said there were two facts, its my blog): Who cares about Colorado? This tells you it is not about football, but markets.

Since the second strongest football conference is this vulnerable it made me think about other venues/businesses/organizations/leagues that are unknowingly over-exposed. Let’s take a look at some scary hypothetical scenarios…

  1. NASA announces it is no longer invested in space exploration. Gives me the shivers.
  2. Both Serena and Venus Williams outed early in a tennis tournament. Combine that with Federer not even making the semi-finals in the same tournament. That would totally be twilight zone.
  3. Mac comes out with an overpriced and useless piece of equipment that only die-hard mac-onites would buy (or maybe we should call it bie for buy + die; consider it cruel and unusual punishment). Lets call it the iPad.
  4. Oil company would rather see its value plummet then actually make legitimate effort to stop egregious oil leak. Oil company then comes up with brilliant idea to sell siphoned oil off for charity purposes.
  5. Within the same year – New Orleans Saints with the Superbowl, mid-major makes NCAA basketball national championship game with home court advantage, Lakers about to lose NBA Finals to a .500 team since December 2009, Chicago wins the Stanley Cup and Tiger Woods is a non factor in golf.
  6. All incumbents, regardless of party affiliation, are underdogs in their campaigns with a third party posing the possibility to have major impact on future elections.
  7. Southern Baptist Convention meets with expectations high to discuss the Great Commission.

Yup, those are all some crazy parallels just as unthinkable as the Big 12 Shuffle. Glad they are just hypothetical…

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