Social Media: Why You Need To Be Involved

My readership is split almost perfectly in half. I have the half that is routed to my blog via my Facebook account and the other half is not on Facebook and checks out my blog as part of their weekly internet reading ritual. I find the following statistical video very compelling. While those who are already involved in Social Media networking might find it interesting, my real target is the other half of my blog readership.  I am on a crusade you might say, especially as when it comes to the advantages of utilizing Social Media for ministry. Some of my ministry friends out there (you know who you are)  don’t buy my arguments. I see them as Ol’ Scrooge before the three ghosts visited and Facebook being their Christmas. So to all my poor nay saying fellow travelers I say Merry Facebook!

HT: Is Social Media a Fad?


2 Comments to “Social Media: Why You Need To Be Involved”

  1. Israel, I like your choice of video and you know I am a strong facebook user. I witnessed twice this past month to folks on facebook whom I met there online. I think we have to use all means at our disposal to share the gospel and our lives. Our lives earn us the right to share the gospel…and these days our lives are available on line, too.

  2. Thanks for offering further evidence to my point. I might have to start calling you the Billy Graham of Facebook. 😉

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