April Free Things

I’m a little late this month with the April free things because I wanted to listen to Christian Audio’s free audio book before I linked it here for y’all. Well, I haven’t listened to the whole book yet, but what I’ve heard has left me on the edge of my seat and I’m sorry to have taken so long in getting to it. Please, please, please download this book before the end of April.

It is Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff. Think a Christian Brian Regan tackling many issues as you’ll get a good idea of what is awaiting you. Acuff has a blog with the same name.  I am definitely going to start regularly checking it out after hearing the first half of his book. With him reading his own book, I actually think the audio version might really be better than the written word in this one instance. Thank you Jonathan for good wit while making me say “ouch” over and over again throughout my day.

Also, we can now catch up on Reformed Seminary’s continued bicentennial celebration. To help your recall, I couldn’t find it posted last month prior to posting our free stuff here. So we have April’s out-of-print classic available for download.  April’s is The Life and Power of True Godliness by Alexander M’Leod.

Free Worship Music Album (9 songs) by Mars Hills Worship Team.

And finally a couple of links for those living in St. Louis for deals and freebies. They are:






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