Narcissistic Birthday

For anyone who “claims” that one day doesn’t make a difference check out this before and after picture. I almost suffered a serious setback when I looked in the mirror this morning. So I’ve put a list together of things true for me now that I’m 35.

  1. Fire marshal requires a fire extinguisher accompany any birthday cake that attempts to have as many candles as I am years old.
  2. Still can’t believe the Saints won the Superbowl in my lifetime.
  3. My knees knock more than my front door.
  4. teeth chattering is more about preventing lock jaw than being cold.
  5. Candles, matches, electrical outlets, needles, pins all have the same use – to verify my hands still have the sense of touch.
  6. Lament that windshields can’t also act as a magnifying glass (also realize that side mirrors really need to start showing images as large as they really are).
  7. Need help blowing out my candles.
  8. Want to tell my parents they were right about something just can’t remember what it was or who they are.
  9. Hope my teeth make another 100,000 miles.
  10. Looking forward not back.
  11. Have more than I need.
  12. Grateful for a beautiful wife and lovely children.
  13. Get what it means when Paul says “To live is Christ and to die is gain.”
  14. New life verse: Proverbs 20:29  “The glory of young men is their strength, but the splendor of old men is their gray hair.”
  15. Long to stand in justification by faith in Christ alone for all good works created in and for me for God and his glory.
  16. Look forward to the fruit of the Spirit growing vibrantly in my life.
  17. Glad to be on this side of the cross; look forward to the other side of the grave.
  18. Question to Death: Where is your victory? What? Ain’t you got no sting? (okay – I’m having too much fun now).

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