Losing Your First Tooth – Saturdays are for Stories

Our family is prepping as our first loose tooth gets looser. In an effort to give Charis comfort I told her not to worry. I said:

“Don’t worry, I lost my teeth and look how I turned out.” Didn’t help.
“Don’t worry, if you swallow your tooth at night, you’ll have a tooth tree grow in your stomach.” Didn’t help.
“Don’t worry, it only bleeds for a few minutes.” Didn’t help.
“Don’t worry, the tooth fairy is picky about what teeth she wants anyway.” Didn’t help.
“Don’t worry, its fun to feel the gap in your front teeth, just ask Michael Strahan.” Blank look.
“Don’t worry, if it doesn’t fall out you’ll resemble a white shark.” She growled at me.
“Don’t worry, teeth fall out when you least expect them – like when you are kiss a boy.” That really didn’t help.
“Don’t worry, only some of your bad teeth dreams will come true.” Didn’t help.
“Don’t worry, I can always knock it out.” She ran for help.
“If you brushed your teeth this would never happen!”

Some other ideas to calm Charis’ fears?


2 Comments to “Losing Your First Tooth – Saturdays are for Stories”

  1. First of all, for those of you who doubt Israel, these are all TRUE stories.
    Second, honey let just let Mommy handle it from here on out. 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I can do that.

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