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Have you heard? Football, even Saints football, is not everything. What?!? The last few weeks we have been having a lot of fun with Saints football. Nothing wrong with that as long as we don’t lose perspective. It is time to move on. This may seem premature since there are still so many nuances to cover. For example, I could have posted the quintessential video for champions….

Or I could dwell on the one picture that tells the entire story in one frame (my favorite part is P Manning taking a seat)….

My Desktop for the Next Year

or I could talk about the many records the Saints tied or set in their Superbowl performance…

or How Drew Brees had the best post-season performance of any QB when you consider all three games together...

Or how Brees' wife made the best call of the entire game...

But instead of doing those things, let's finish the way my family started Superbowl Sunday morning. On the way to church we talked about what is more important the Saints in their first Superbowl appearance or the opportunity to join together with other believers and worship the Creator and Caretaker of the universe - God. As we drove into the church parking lot we all agreed, nothing compares to the obvious - better is one day in God's Court than a thousand Superbowl Championships by the Saints.

So, Adieu Saints to next year and back to the primary purpose of this blog - to consider God.


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