Going quietly into the Night…n’awlins style!

If you haven’t heard the N’awlins Saints are Superbowl champions. Too many things to say not enough blog space! Oh, how I lament. When I keep hearing the ties with this team to Katrina I wonder if it makes sense to those not from the area. Do you think it is a marketing ploy? No doubt all the marketers are taking advantage but it is not. I haven’t figured out all the bonds or why they have taken such a special place in the grieving process, but they have. Trust me.

Anyone want to take a closer look at my reasons why the Saints are going to win the Superbowl? I think ESPN should hire me as a sports analyst. Sean Payton may have coached the perfect football game. Outside of the two opening drives for each teams it was New Orleans’ game. Colts owned the first quarter and we owned the rest. Prior to Manning’s interception, due to his pressing since the Saints had the lead and were going to get the ball back, the combined rating of Brees and Manning is the highest of any Superbowl.  Middle of the fourth quarter the best QB play you’ve ever seen in a Superbowl. The storylines were amazing. Dwight running on one leg, Dallas Clark being Colts MVP (The guy showed up to play and had the Colts won I think Peyton would need to give the MVP trophy to Clark who was unstoppable. How many first downs did he get on third down for the Colts?), The Saints going through a 2x MVP (1 Superbowl MVP) in Warner, A 3x MVP (1 Superbowl MVP) in Favre and 4x MVP (1 Superbowl MVP) in Manning – has anyone gone through a harder road? All three are HOFers; The entire Saints organization, New Orleans, Katrina. This game gets an A.

Here are my five plays that decided the game:
5. Matt Stovers’ 51 yard field goal miss: Especially when you consider how clutch Hartley was for the Saints. Consider this: The Colts only scored one time outside of the first quarter. However, this field goal would have changed that. This play helped break the Colt’s heart.
4. Saints 4 and 1 in the 2nd: What looked like a botched play through aggressive play calling resulted in the very thing it would have had they just tried for a field goal – three points. The Saints blow it and still get it. A great example of having your cake and eating it too. What a way to end the half.
3. Sean Payton’s challenge on the 2 point conversion. This decision resulted in a seven point lead. Peyton Manning had to press the offense once this lead was the span of a touchdown and extra point. Again, it robbed the Colts of momentum.
1a. The last two plays are tied. One sealed the deal the other created the tone for the rest of the game. Porter will live in Saints Lore (who would have guessed) having picked off Favre and Manning at the end of the last two games. A Pick Six that will live forever in Who Dat Nation’s minds. I shouted at the top of my lungs after that play “WE JUST WON THE SUPERBOWL! WE JUST WON THE SUPERBOWL!”
1b. The Onside Kick to start the second half. The best call of the game. Proof that coaching makes a difference. The Saints won because of our coach today – he was the MVP of the game for me. No disrespect to Brees – I love him and he was a master out there, but the game was won by the game plan of Sean Payton and then he had the courage to stick to his plan. How often do we complain of coaches who coach not to lose instead of to win? Well, here you go world – are you looking for a guy who is bold in his play calling? You’ve just found your coach and your team. Welcome to WHO DAT NATION!

Now a video blog to help finish the celebration. I know all of the videos of New Orleans show Bourbon Street, but it is so much more than this one street. One of my friends wrote on Facebook that while driving home from a Superbowl Party there were people running out and spilling onto the Interstate in celebration. And if you haven’t been there the Interstate is all bridge! Think about that celebration. Well, here you go!

Okay, I need to get back to returning messages from people celebrating last night’s win. It will be another day before I’m done.


3 Comments to “Going quietly into the Night…n’awlins style!”

  1. I know what sports does to mean when my teams wins it all. I know what emotions go through my mind, body, and soul when my team wins it all I know how proud I become of my city when my team wins it all. I still to this very day get weepy when I hear certain calls from beloved departed local sports announcers who have let go over the airwaves “That’s a Winner”! I don’t know why, but that’s what sports do to me. I cannot imagine how this feels for New Orleans and her fans. With all that city has been through and the unwanted, embarrassing at times, and unpleasant national attention. Sweet redemption! How proud you must be…indeed should be. What started out as simply picking a team out of devotion to a friend and enjoying THE story of the year, became passionate, open rooting for the Saints. If you haven’t already you will weep my friend. It may be in a quiet moment or it may hit you unexpectedly as you watch a recap of the year in sports, or great stories of the year 2010, but you will weep. And when you do it will feel sooo good.

    I simply could not be more happy, more proud, more joyful and filled with more satisfaction for another state, another city, another team, or another friend. And the best part of it all is I got to experience it with you. So to answer your question….yes it does make sense, at least to this Saints fan!

    Congratulations brother!

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