Why the Saints are going to Win the Superbowl

After reading all the reports in la-la land on why the Colts are going to win the Superbowl I decided to make my own list of reasons on why the Saints are going to win the Superbowl:

1. Yankees & Dixie Land: When since the Civil War have Yankees and Dixie Land agreed on anything? On this Superbowl – that’s when! According to a ESPN Sports Poll only Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine are the only states picking the Saints to win the entire thing. With historical animosity between these two regions, what else could be the binding force but the most obvious of things? I remember when I moved from Connecticut to Virginia – there were kids in my school who wanted to beat me up because I was a “Yankee.” So this is clear. I’m not sure if any reason is bigger than the rest, but if there is this may be it.

2. Dungy Does it again: Tony Dungy said “I think they’re [the Colts] going to be so far ahead that people are going to say, ‘Oh, ho-hum, he played a good game, they won by two scores, the Colts won their second championship. He’s [Manning] going to have those rings Sunday night. I don’t think it’s going to be close.” The last time he made an emphatic statement like this? That’s right – The Cowboys vs. Saints game. Dungy said the Cowboys didn’t stand a chance against the Saints in New Orleans, adding insult to injury  that the Giants were likely to jump the Cowboys for the final playoff spot in the NFC. Thank you Tony!

Here I was worried about Williams’ comments last week for motivational bait for the Colts. Well, Dungy’s team – and that is what we are playing – his team has their coach emeritus give us mucho encouragement. What a nice guy.

3. Destiny: Okay, okay, this may be the biggest reason the Saints are going to win. They, thus far, have been a team of destiny. The Minnesota game shows it if nothing else. When you win like that against a 3x MVP then you know – you just know. And that’s my point – what makes the Saints so dangerous is they believe they are destiny. It is just a matter of getting it done. When a team is in this mindset they are a dangerous nemesis.  I believe this will be the topic after the Superbowl – how the Saints were destined, how everyone picking “with their  head” picked against them and they still came out on top. Destiny. Dangerous.

4. Explosive Players: All the explosive players per position belong to the Saints. If Dwight Freeney wasn’t injured I wouldn’t say this, but he is.  We have more explosive running backs (Plural) even if we don’t count Reggie Bush. We have the more explosive, talented and taller wide receivers (still not counting Bush), Shockey is more explosive than Clark and Miller blocks better than any Colts TE, our secondary is faster and better, both our front lines are better than their front lines. In fact these things are so obvious I’M SHOCKED THAT THE BANDWAGON CAN’T BREAK RANKS, use their heads  and get this.

There is a reason the Saints have been the collective #1 in power rankings for most of the regular season – yes over the colts. One game, that against the Vikings, and everyone forgets it. The ability to think has gone out the window on this one. Oh yeah, the most explosive person of any position on the field is Reggie Bush. He will own this game.

5. Schedule: The Saints schedule for regular season and playoffs has been harder than the Colts. While the Colts have only dealt with two offenses (Patriots & Cardinals) all season that comes close to the capabilities of the Saints offense, the Saints have played against similar teams through much of the season. We beat the Eagles (who were undefeated at the time), The Giants (who were ranked #1 and playing better than anyone else), Patriots and Falcons – all were hot when we played them. All with pro bowl (at minimum) QBs. Never mind the QBs we faced in playoffs, but we’re getting to that. Not counting the Cowboys.  All quality offenses.

With the five teams that we both played: Rams, Patriots, Dolphins, Jets (not sure this one counts), Bills the Saints have the statistical advantage.

6. Dwight Freeney vs. Will Smith: Will Smith simply is the best defensive player in the game.

7. Secondary: Sharper and Gay have been an unbelievable match-up nightmare for opposing teams. We have played teams with better receivers than the Colts all season. We do what we need to do to win the game. On the other hand, whatever the names are of the guys playing in the secondary (do they have names?) will have their hands full with the best wide receiving corp in the NFL. Colston, Henderson, Meachem will be too much.

8. Cumbersome QBs: Everyone has been simply amazed at the Colts dismantling of two high powered offenses in post-season. Oops, I’m sorry – somehow I found myself in the Twilight Zone. I am so impressed of the Colts abuse of Flacco and Sergio Garcia of the Jets (that’s his name right?). Okay, not impressed. Sanchez was a rookie – a rookie we beat when they were undeafeted in the regular season. A little reminder – no one could figure out how to rattle him until our defense showed everyone how it was done – and then they started losing. Oh yeah. We did that to the Eagles, Giants and others too.

How about the Saints. We beat a two time MVP (and one time Superbowl MVP), a three time MVP (and Superbowl two time MVP) to get here. Kurt Warner may be considered the greatest playoff QB in history considering his stats alone. Considering his ability to bring two franchises from death to life and you can recognize this guy’s greatness. Actually, I think Montana is the best postseason QB, but had Kurt won one more Superbowl and he would be my pick, but four to one – got to go with Montana.

Favre had his best year ever – except the Superbowl win. He also had the most talent around him in his career. It showed. They were great. They also lost to the Saints. And for all those people who keep crying over how the Saints were lucky in that game – PLEASE!!! You don’t have that many turnovers with multiple other recovered fumbles without the defense owning them! As for the calls in overtime – what about the disparity of calls in regular game time? The only reason we are visiting these issues on the side of the Vikings is because they lost. Had New Orleans lost, it would have been EXACTLY the same conversation on the other side.

Oh yeah, on the topic of cumbersome QBs: Drew Brees, who had the best percentage of any QB ever this season had a bad week against the Vikings and his percentage was still over  65% for the playoffs. It won’t be a repeat. Drew Brees will have his best statistical game this year.

9. Better Wins vs. same opponents: Already talked about this, but it deserves its own number so there you are.

10: Tougher Regular Season schedule: Yup, talked about this too.

11. Tougher Post Season Schedule: (still nodding)

12: Best Celebration Victory Parade OF ALL TIME: Yes, this is a great reason as to why the Saints are going to win. Why? Because there are actually Colt players who have plans to travel to New Orleans to watch it! Do you doubt this? As a team, when you acknowledge that the celebration of the other team would be historic than you have already lost the mind games. Colts want to be a part of Saints lore – and they will be.

13: Celebrity Picks: I usually hate celebrities when they open their mouth outside of movies, tv shows, music, etc… but since the entire 90210 wishes they lived in New England or the gulf coast right now they deserve their own shout out. Besides rumor has it that bradgalina has repopulated the 9th ward all by themselves! Keep up the good work.

14: Where is your heart: Rick Reilly says that you have to be from Indianapolis not to be cheering for the Saints. This statement means that they are America’s Team. Move over Cowboys and nice marketing schemes – welcome to the next summer block buster movie – and you get to be a part of it. We are in the casting call. How nice is this?

A lot of people have made this game out to be one of hearts vs heads – WHATEVER (I am shouting way too much today, but please). I’ve already covered the bandwagon thing. Why does the Colts’ handling of an overachieving team in the Jets impress more people than the Saints beating the best team that Brett Favre has ever been on? Really, which one is more impressive. So, go with your heads and your hearts and cheer for the Saints.

On a side note: I’m always suspicious of someone who tells me it is a head verses heart issue. My experience is it is always a heart issue with the head finding ways to argue for your points. Do you want proof? Tell me after you’ve read my reasons that you are still not convinced!!!! This is heart leading head stuff – and that makes it great!

15: Sports Guy’s last right pick: If you read Bill Simmons at all you know what I’m talking about. The Sports Guy has been on a roll of picking games! Unfortunately, whoever he picks ends up losing. Who did he pick while on this roll – The Colts! But it gets even better. He was on a different roll earlier in the Season where he was actually picking the winners – and who did he pick to win the Superbowl in October. That’s right the Saints! and who did he pick were the losers? That’s right – the Colts. The stars have aligned my friends. D-E-S-T-I-N-Y!

16: Mascots in a religious context: Yes, I had to come here. Typically I talk about the Saints sacrificing the Rams (since I’m a Who Dat and I live in Saint Louis), but still we have the Saints and a four legged creature who needs to be slaughtered on the altar.

All kidding aside, Dear Saints Defensive Players: Please do not send Manning into early retirement. He really is my favorite player in the NFL.

At the end of the year, is there any other team that will be able to say they put two of the top 10 QBs into retirement? Are you seriously thinking you will see Bet on “I am Ironman!” Favre next year. Didn’t you hear what he said after the New Orleans game? No one else ALL YEAR put hits on him like New Orleans did in that game. Translation – they are the hardest hitting team in the NFL. Ask Peyton after the game and see what he says.

17: Better Music: I think maybe spoons came from Indianapolis, but anything else? Maybe “Yeehaw!” Does that count? Do I even need to defend this point from n’awlins’ perspective. I really hope that the Saints go into the stadium playing “When the Saints Go Marching In” by Satchmo. Please, please, please!!!! It is so anti-clamatical I think a couple of the Colts players will go into seizures on the side line.

Instead of carrying a bat into the game, maybe Kim Kardashian, on the arm of Reggie Bush, could pass out umbrellas to the Colts players for the singing of the National Anthem Creole style. Am I dreaming here? I hope not.

18: America’s Team: Already covered this point, but do you need more proof? Can you think of a better matchup for a truly New Orleans Superbowl? I guess if you could put a dream team of players together for the other team from N’awlins. You would still have Peyton Manning as QB (Favre and Eli could be his backups), Marshall Faulk as RB with Forte as his backup (Billy Cannon can be their coach); Shaq could be their defense (that would make it tough) along wiht Ed Reed and Ike Taylor and Reggie Wayne (oh, you didn’t know that he was a Cajun product?), Early Doucet – add Tyson Jackson, Glen Dorsey, Corey Webster, Bradshaw as the Waterboy – you get the point. Truth is while there may be other teams in the NFL that have more Louisiana products than the Colts that Peyton Manning’s presence simply makes them Saints Deux.

19: Location of Superbowl: Closer to New Orleans. The elevation and weather favor New Orleans over Indianapolis. We don’t have to acclimate, but they do. Takes a toll in the 4th Quarter.

20: Better Coaching staff: Not that the Colts don’t have good coaching. They do, but Peyton is only one man and we have Sean Payton on offense and Williams on defense. Also, after landing a couple of hits on Manning like he hasn’t felt since  the last time he went down into  the red light district of Bourbon street he won’t be thinking clear. Advantage – Saints.

21: Manning up: Ties to n’awlins. Did you read my last post? No! Well you have to in order to understand this point, but a simply summary: Manning has no choice but to lose. Poor guy. Its not fair to him really.

22: Best Offense: Hello? Hello? HELLO! The Saints will score more than 48 points in this game returning to their early season point-fest. Offense is spelled H-E-A-T-H-Y, so you know you better W-A-T-C-H   O-U-T!

23: Best takeaway Defense: Everyone says the difference especially in playoffs is takeovers. We are almost double digits better in this area than the Colts. If this is what everyone coaches for than the Saints are a gimme lock.

So why are you not betting on them?


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