Know Your Enemy

Sun Tzu, a famous Chinese General, said, “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

Maybe I should entitle this “Ode to the Colts” or perhaps “Ode to Peyton Manning.” After all 90% of what there is to know about the Colts is one man – ONE MAN! And amazingly it is not any of their coaches. It might be said that the only team I can think of where the most important person on the team WHO IS NOT A COACH is the Indianapolis Colts. Coaches win and lose games more than players – unless you are the Indianapolis Colts.

Peyton Manning is awesome and I am a big fan. I love his work ethic and drive for perfection on the field; although I wonder how many ulcers he will have when he is fifty with such a perfectionist approach to life. When you can’t live up to your own standards (and they are high) life can be rough. Still, my definition of great players of any sport is that they change the way the game is played. I think this helps reduce the field. Think about it – Tiger Woods (Of course), Larry Bird and Magic Johnson together, Albert Puhols, Michael Jordan (Can you think of anyone who had more antagonists than Michael Jordan? That is exactly why he is the greatest sports icon of  all time.) and Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning has changed football. Drew Brees is a product of his style of QB. No doubt that he is the greatest QB ever – which is the most skilled position in all of football (so greatest ever?). Of course, his lack of rings is a problem. But there is no doubt of his greatness. Manning totally deserved the MVP this year over Brees because (and I’m not sure why the media is missing this point right now, but we’ll get back to this later today) he has no talent in the skilled positions around him. No, I don’t think Wayne is that good. I think Peyton is. Peyton takes mediocre players and makes them great. Frankly as good as Brees is (top three right now – especially with the retirements of Warner and Favre), he is only this good because of the talent around him. The Saints have the best offensive front line in football and the best collection of talent in their receiving corp – especially when Bush and Shockey are in the mix.

On a side note – what are the two most common things between the Colts and Saints? Outside of the obvious, which is the two best QBs this year is that they have the two best offensive front lines (Period).  That was the different in the two Conference Championship games.

Know your enemy? I know my enemy and his name is Peyton Manning. He is a n’awlins product. He secretly wants the Saints to win this one – for his dad. It is a crazy, shook up world we live in. Does he have the ability to win the game? Yes, he does. He is the only person on the field Sunday that can make that claim.  My enemy is great. But I have counted the cost and he has met his match.

Who wants to be in Peyton’s shoes (Okay, actually a lot of people, but play along)? Your boyhood team, your daddy’s team, your schoolmates’ team, your city suffering from destruction’s team, the city that care forgot’s team and this is who you are trying to destroy? Peyton knows he can never eat in New Orleans again if he wins this game. That is a huge price – best food in the universe. Just think – he’ll never know what “extra” was put into that Cafe Au Lait or what exactly is in the roux of your gumbo when he orders things at local restaurants – scary stuff.   He knows that deep down his daddy is going to resent him for winning this game. He will never walk side streets in the French Quarter again if he wins this game. Indianapolis is nice, but who retires there? Seriously. If Peyton wants an enjoyable life between the football seasons and after he retires he has to lose this game. I feel for the guy. He is in a bad spot. So, this is for you Peyton (You have to imagine that Peyton is 2pac in this video and instead of the racial issues it is Saints vs Colts issues. I can hear Peyton now “What am I suppose to do Dad?” Hey this is my world and it works for me!)-


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