Iz’ 24 Hour Plus Before Superbowl Kickoff Celebration!

Welcome to my “The 24 Hours Before  Superbowl Kickoff Celebration!” Yes, I know that by current standards it may seem to be more than 24 hours  still, but that is because your mind is being impinged by the scientific limits of time and awareness. Seek to detach yourself from these bonds and you will become free. Lets get back to a First Century mindset of time. A little of one day and a little of the next day equals two days. Then this would be called the… “48 Hours Before Superbowl Kickoff Celebration!” Um, huh, yeah, okay. Well that won’t work. Just call it “Creative Freedom.” With church in the morning there is simply no way to do all I want to in the 24 hour blitz starting eight hours from now – so welcome to “Iz’ 24 Hour Plus Before  Superbowl Kickoff Celebration!”

Sit back and enjoy cyber-tailgating n’awlins style.


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