…to the Bible Belt….

Warning: This video WILL make you Nauseous. Trust me, I am now just beginning the recovery period. Please have all proper safety equipment available prior to viewing (Hint: Air sickness bag is appropriate). No hyperventilating allowed – you have been warned. Its rough!

It hurts me to even post this, but the show must go on!


2 Comments to “…to the Bible Belt….”

  1. Ahhhhhh! Many true Saints can be seen in this piece; Hovie Lister, Anthony Burger, Vestal and Howard Goodman. And Jake Hess is THE MAN!!
    It does my heart good to see you post this Israel…it means there is hope for you yet. I’ll bring some Gaither DVD’s for you on Sunday.

    You might as well stop now because it will not get any better than this one!!!

    • Please don’t!!! It hurt me just to post it, but I did it with you in mind. Ask no more of me from this wretchedness! Uggg. This has to be worse than water-boarding!

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