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January 23, 2010

Birth Order Chaos – Saturdays are for Stories

Talking about their day:
Oldest: Daddy, we had so much fun today!
Middle: Daddy, we had so much fun today!
Youngest: Daddy, we had so much fun today!

Oldest (turning to her sisters): Why are you repeating after me?
Middle: It’s my job! (Big smile)
Youngest: Because I love you! (Big hug)

Eating dinner:
Oldest: Daddy, my plate is all clean. I ate every last bite. Did I do a good job? (Holds up a sparkling clean plate)
Middle: Daddy, what color is light? (Oblivious of her food, her plate, her family)
Youngest: Daddy am I doing a good proraseraten (procrastinating)? (Big smile as she plays with her food)

Going to bed:
Oldest: I am so sleepy! (Giving a hug and kiss goodnight)
Middle: (Hiding under her blankets giggling)
Youngest: Daddy, I love you so much! (Refusing to let go of her hug.) Daddy give me a real hug! (Crying). I did. No, you didn’t. That wasn’t a real hug. I need a real hug. (I come back over and give her a third hug) And kisses too! (she giggles)

Getting out of bed:
Oldest: She just doesn’t. Maybe three times in six years of life has she gotten out of bed.
Youngest: Mommy, I need (mumbling follows). You need what? I need (more mumbling). Get back in bed! (Uncontrollable sobs as she walks back to bed)
Middle: (In the background watching the youngest as if we can’t see her. Cries as if she has been scolded as she follows the youngest back to bed)
Youngest: (Found sleeping in our bed two hours later)

Cuddling in the bed:
Oldest: Okay, but only for a few minutes. (She watches the clock. Two minutes pass and she is pushing away trying to get out of the door)
Middle: I want to cuddle! (She squirms and wiggles the entire time. I think she wants it to be a wrestling match)
Youngest: Cuddle me! (she tucks me in the blanket and gives kisses on the head and flops on top of me. We are there for ten minutes without moving)

Sweeping the floor:
Oldest: I can do this all day long! (and she does)
Middle: I hate this! I won’t do it! (she hasn’t tried)
Youngest: This is fun! (She is scooping sand up from the outside and throwing it on the floor so the oldest has more to sweep)

Oldest: Stay back! This is very dangerous!
Middle: Can I help? (Elbow deep in raw chicken already – big puppy dog eyes imploring to let her do it all by herself)
Youngest: I wanna help! (She just tries to eat everything she gets her hands on, clearly not interested in helping)

Playing the Wii:
Oldest: This is fun! (Talking technical nonsense as she plays. She plays at least two games extra before giving someone else a turn.)
Middle: Yeah, This is fun! (She starts to play and then stands still watching the time expire. 30 seconds play time – 4 minutes standing time. This is fun?)
Youngest: I want a turn. (Oldest took control from her to show her how to play the game “correctly”)