Church Planting in Seattle

There are some places/experiences that are hard to imagine without certain people. For example, there was one friendship in the military that defined my stay in the army. I couldn’t imagine serving without him. We deployed to Egypt together and it was a special time. When he left before I did, it was never, ever the same.

So goes for seminary. I just can’t imagine my sweet experiences in seminary without thinking fondly of many godly characters who gave an extra heap of langiappe to our (Rachelle and my) stay. One of those couples was Greg and Shelly Fuller. I met Shelly on the first day of class. She typifies the outgoing, bubbly, gregarious personalities we all have come to despise for being so happy and nice. She demanded I go to her home to immediately to meet her husband.

Greg was as quiet as Shelly was loud. He had a look of shock on his face when I walked in for lunch. I’m not sure if it was me, the three other guys in the apartment for lunch, or his pile of homework. I never did find out. From that day forward I have many times witnessed the joy of the Lord in the earnestness of these two as they sought their pleasure in God.

When they left seminary was not the same. They carry that kind of impact. Their names should be familiar to many of you as we have been praying for their church plant in Seattle. The sacrifices they made for this plant are deep. But if you ask them about the sacrifices I think their response would be “What sacrifices? It has been the greatest blessing.”

In small part, it is a reminder for prayer and support that I’m posting their latest newsletter. In a larger context, I am posting it because I want their example to change you. I pray it does. Subscribe to their newsletter and be blessed. 
Shelly’s Perspective on Church Planting in Seattle

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