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January 16, 2010

Saturdays are for Stories – The Right to Life

¬†Some Stories are More than Stories…

Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 17, 2010 - REMEMBER Those without a voice

The Voices of Children
by Kathy Sabol 

While I was out walking
One fine summer day
I passed by a playground
With children at play.
I found myself stopping.
The sight made me smile.
I wanted to watch them
And listen awhile.
How sweet were these children.
How young and carefree.
Their bright, happy faces
Were joyful to see.
Their lives held such promise
In so many ways.
Their dreams stretched before them,
A countless array.
The longer I stood there,
Something I knew
Took hold of my thoughts
And the sadder I grew.
My tears started falling
As I understood
What many don’t see
And, in truth, never would.
Each life is important
And God loves us all,
No matter how young
No matter how small.
We each have a purpose.
We’re all meant to be.
How is it the truth
Is what some cannot see?
Each day sees the stopping
Of so many hearts.
These lives sadly ended
Before they can start.
Our world touts “convenience”
As proof of what’s right,
Yet blest are the children
Whose mothers choose life.
Yes, the voices of children,
So precious and dear,
Too often is music
That we’ll never hear.