Our Nativity Scene

Part of our annual Christmas tradition is to build the manger scene with our little ladies. We add a different part each night beginning Dec 1st and ending Christmas morning with Baby Jesus. Each night we read from the related Scripture and talk about what it means – imagining ourselves in that time and place.

The first picture is this year’s nativity scene (my little helper took the picture); the second is last year’s scene. My favorite part is King Herod; although you may not be able to see him. He is a red dot that is by the temple (orange). He looks really mad. It was Naomi’s idea to add him. Then she had another idea: “Let’s put a pig with its butt facing King Herod because he is a meanie and pigs aren’t kosher.” So we did.


2 Comments to “Our Nativity Scene”

  1. that is my naomi!! she is so right…that non kosher pig was a real insult!!! go girl!

    loved getting to see this year’s nativity, too. can’t see it very well but i get the idea

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