Worldview Links – Day Six

Today is the finale! Just like fireworks, I saved a bunch of the best for last (not that what we have already looked at isn’t the best too). Take a look, get overwhelmed and enjoy in abundance. Remember, if you are faithful to make a favorites file with these sites you will have great tools for future study and development ready at your fingertips. Set more like a blog, but an apologetic website that is put together well. A cult oriented apologetic website. a European apologetic site that focuses on Catholics. a great apologetic website for covers the gamut of topics and life situations. Christian Apologetic Research & Ministry’s website. Just check it out. This site is a “nice to know they exist” type of site. “Founded in 1976 in the legacy of C. S. Lewis, the Institute endeavors to develop disciples who can articulate, defend, and live faith in Christ through personal and public living.” An apologetic resource center more than an information hub. Check it out. Frank Turek’s website that is a good portal into exposing you to a variety of apologetic books. This site is a “nice to know they exist” type of site. The site’s explanation on who they are: “L’Abri is a French word that means shelter. The first L’Abri community was founded in Switzerland in 1955 by Dr. Francis Schaeffer and his wife, Edith. Dr. Schaeffer was a Christian theologian and philosopher who also authored a number of books on theology, philosophy, general culture and the arts.” apologetic website dedicated to college students Since my parents are now in London, I figured we needed to get one London apologetic website on the list. Take a look at how it is done across the “bay.” apologetic website that focuses on Christian responses to eastern religions. Stand to Reason’s website, which deals primarily with science and theology in an apologetic manner. The Oxford Center for Christian apologetics. An apologetic organization that is committed to bridging the gap between the historical truths of Christianity and current culture.


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