Worldview Links – Day Four

Missed yesterday since it was Sunday. Chuck Colson’s ministry center. He has a worldview center scheduled to launch on August 3rd so this is perfect timing. The website for Worldview Academy, which our very own Jacob Douvier attended and taught at for a number of years. This website is the first offered not as a Christian resource, but an example of non-Christian resources which espouse a different worldview. It is good to know what others are saying, thinking and writing. While I expect most of us won’t get overly saturated in this website read the two following articles and consider the worldviews being espoused and implications of these worldviews. Sam Harris’ article on atheism and – Richard Dawkins’ interesting article. I’m very interested in hearing your feedback Wednesday night on these articles.


2 Comments to “Worldview Links – Day Four”

  1. We're hoping to start a blog for Worldview Academy in the coming months, so stay tuned.

  2. Keep us in loop when it comes out!

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