Worldview Links Day Two

Okay, Okay – there are just too many resources and too few days for our little week-long voyage through these intraspatial waters. So I am giving in to the tidal wave of resources. The dam can only take so much pressure. Therefore, we will have multiple links each day for you to peruse. Remember to add these sites to your favorites. Make a folder entitled “Navigating Pop Culture” or something similar for future reference. Home of David Wheaton’s Radio Show and blog as he seeks to interact with contemporary issues from a Christian perspective. James White’s ministry. While I certainly would not say that James’ emphasized focus is worldviews per Se he still interacts with them since he is apologists. His insights are useful, though I admit he can be a bit polemic for my taste at times. I find his research and pit bull ability to focus in on the issue uncanny. Here is James White discussing President Obama’s election. Note how he is considering worldviews in this blog. While Michael Medved is not a Christian, he is morally & ethically conservative and his insights on current cultural issues are razor sharp. His movie reviews are some of my favorites. His books are also easy to read while raising interesting issues. One of my favorite books on raising children in contemporary society is by him. Walt Mueller founded this ministry in 1990. CPYU is known for its piercing insights on the issues that impact teens the most. In my earlier years when I was a bit richer (think pre-marriage & children) I received their quarterly journal. It is worth the purchase to support such a ministry. I first came in contact with them when Jessica Simpson first came on the music scene and was embraced as much by Christians as well as the main stream music scene. Their handling of that situation as it was going is still the best I’ve encountered.

Have Fun!!


2 Comments to “Worldview Links Day Two”

  1. I visited James White's church while I lived in Phoenix. He was gearing up for a debate with a Muslim and was relating everything in his Synoptic Gospels sunday school class back to his preps for it.

  2. Very nice! Phil from our body goes there now if you remember him.

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