Worldview Link

As a part of our Mass Lobotomy: A Primer on Pop Culture Wednesday night class we are currently considering worldviews. Each day for the next week I will list some virtual resources that play both positively and negatively into the conversation in order to both equip you and help you think critically. – Our first link is to Probe Ministries, a ministry founded in 1973 by James F. Williams Jr. and Jon Buell, includes this rich resource of a website. You will find yourself lost in many of its wonderful pages for some time. You may need a map to find your way out….


2 Comments to “Worldview Link”

  1. So here's some shameless self-promotion for the Worldview Academy podcast: Radio

  2. I love your shameless self-promotion, but now I have to find another link for tomorrow. (SIGH)

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