Happy Birthday JC!

No, not Jesus Christ, but John Calvin. John turns a whopping 500 years old today. Bet he feels better than ever now. I can’t wait to put on my 500 year old body (hint: glorification).

Poor Calvin posthumously lives with the dreaded pejorative “Calvinism,” which has become a by-word for reformed theology (of course, which is also biblical theology). I feel like I should also be wishing his straw man a happy birthday too, since that is what most people are attacking when they breech the subject of “Calvinism.” Or a red herring maybe.

Either way, Happy Birthday to a man who left us with the indelible impact of the art of biblical hermeneutics – we, all who are in the Christian faith, truly are eternally grateful. God continues to be glorified by your life and works.


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