National Review’s Top 25 Conservative Movies

National Review came out with the top 25 best conservatives movies made in the last 25 years. I have been scratching my head since reading the article. What in the world consititutes conservative? I guess the only critieria is that it cannot be directed by Michael Moore.

Check it out yourself.


2 Comments to “National Review’s Top 25 Conservative Movies”

  1. Russel Kirk, who was reference once or twice in that piece, has a book called The Conservative Mind in which he chronicles the rise of the contemporary conservative movement, going all the way back to Edmund Burke in the 18th Century. Kirk identifies some general principles about conservatism (as well as radicalism), which I laid out here: one film I was desperately hoping to see on that list is To End All Wars.

  2. Jacob,Thanks for the link. I think that if the six principles listed by Russel Kirk were applied to this list it just raises more questions. I would love to know the criteria that makes 300 and The Incredibles conservative movies on the same list. iz

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