Saturdays are for Stories


Two highlights in my daily routine are to call and check in with Rachelle during lunch and on my way home from work. The reason is the stories accounted to me from Rachelle’s ordeal…umm…day as she runs our household. As any parent can attest, my mind dizzies when I consider all the stories we forget on a daily basis that are downright hilarious or developmentally inspirational as we watch our children grow and mature. Rachelle made a comment in tune to this the other day. She seriously wants to know what people do for entertainment if they don’t have kids (no – we cannot remember). Why? Here is a smattering of this week’s events:

  1. This first account has Rebekah walking toward me with her index finger sticking up. As she gets closer I notice that she is saying something indiscernible. “What’s wrong baby?” I asked. She continues to garble something indiscernible. “What?” I say. She says it again. “Baby I don’t understand what you are saying.” I’m getting exasperated. She gets right up to me and says loudly and clearly, “I got this from my nose!” with a booger hanging on her finger. She turns away and continues walking throughout the house repeating this phrase over and over.
  2. This second account is with Naomi. She, unfortunately, is our exhibitionist. I found her walking around the house naked. Me – “why are you naked?” Her – “because I can’t find the pretty pink pajamas that Charis gave me” looking at me as if it was so obvious I had no business asking. She turns and walks away with no further concern on the subject.
  3. Third account: Charis was running around the living room with a grand smile on her face as she danced in circles and arms swirling through the air. “Why are you so happy?” I ask. “Oh! Because everyone loves me so much Daddy!” She turns and continues to dance away.
  4. Coming up from church last Sunday Rebekah has both hands full. Here we go again with Rebekah and things on her fingers. With a smile on her face, pride beaming from cheek to cheek she says to me, “Look what I got for you Daddy!” as she holds her hands out to me clearly expecting me to unfurl my fists to accept the hidden treasure. Holding me breath I put my open palms under her hands. She dumps her treasure into both my hands as she says “Look I got dirt in my hands!” Grimacing I say, “You sure do.” Unfortunately, some didn’t make it to my hands so we hand to pick up all the dirt “cause I wooked weally hard for it.”
  5. Naomi was a little in the dumps since Charis slept over at nana’s house without her. Mommy informed her that Charis was on her way home. After that she lost sight of Naomi only to find her a few minutes later hanging from the middle latch of the living room window looking down the street saying “She can’t be coming home cause I don’t see her car.”
  6. Charis slept not so well at Nana’s. Fortunately she decided to cooperate by taking a nap the next day to make up for her sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, she decided to close our bedroom door and fell asleep in front of it so that Rachelle had no access to our bedroom until after nap time.
  7. Rebekah saw Charis get some m&m’s since she finished her dinner. “I want some m-e-ms!” She says. “You have to finish your dinner.” I say sternly. In the past she would then take her food off her plate and just put it on the table and then announce. “I eat all my dinner Daddy!” To her chagrin this never worked. I return to my conversation only to hear her say a few minutes later “I eat all my dinner Daddy!” I look down and sure enough all the food is gone from her plate with no food to be seen on the surrounding table. I was just about tell her good job and get some m-e-ms for her when I noticed a flash of color on my formerly empty plate. Sure enough – there was her entire dinner neatly sitting on my plate.
  8. I called for Rachelle from down stairs and got no reply. I called again and got no response again. Finally, I ascended the stairs calling for her as I searched each room. No reply came. I finally found her sitting in front of the mirror in our room making gargling noises, saying over and over again “No one home, No one home, No one home” as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Okay – this last story isn’t true.

So, what did you do for entertainment this week?


2 Comments to “Saturdays are for Stories”

  1. I think one of my favorites is of Rebekah and the buger on her finger. I can’t stop laughing. I remember when it happened and it is still as funny now. You should have taken it from her daddy it was a nice present.

  2. I love the story! I have five myself so I really can’t imagine what people do for fun without them either! Too funny!

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