Saturdays are for Stories


A few times a week I go over Greek and Hebrew with Charis (5) and Naomi (4). Both have shown an aptitude toward languages but Naomi’s aptitude borders on exceptional. One day a month ago Naomi decided she didn’t want to do the flash cards. Unfortunately, she wasn’t given an option. Doing the Greek first, I asked “what’s this word?”
“Theos” Charis answered. Naomi rolled her eyes, looking elsewhere.
“Very good.” I was proud, “What’s it mean?”
“God” Charis chimed; I grinned.
“Right. What’s this word?” I queried.
“eis?” Charis said after a minute of “ummm.”
“Right again. Good job Charis. What does it mean?”
“Into” Naomi still refused to participate. We did another flash card and Charis gave the answer.
“Good job Charis!” Watching Naomi I said, “That’s three for you and none for Naomi.” Naomi suddenly became very interested. I pulled out the next flash card. “What this word?”
“ek, it means from or out of.” Naomi replied quickly. She pulled in a little closer.
“and this word?”
“That’s Iasous – it means Jesus.” Naomi replied as soon as the card was turned over. The sixth and final Greek word went the same way. Both ladies now had three. Then we got into the Hebrew, which is Naomi’s strength. She went through all six flash cards with the speed and efficiency of a professional. Last tally, Charis had three and Naomi nine. Good thing Charis is the reigning wii boxing champion in our house.


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