Saturdays are for Stories

The Sneak

People speak of “the terrible twos.” What about “sneaky seconds.” Our youngest, Rebekah, accomplished these two feats within the last week.

The first setting has Rachelle exercising at 6:00 a.m. Out comes an invader, tip toeing very quietly and moving in slow motion. She tip-toes along the wall, slowly making her way to the recliner directly behind Rachelle. She avoids making eye contact so as to ensure that Rachelle will not see her. Slowly, diligently, she climbs quietly into the recliner and remains motionless for a few minutes. Then, determining that she has not been detected she slowly inches towards the table and delicately lifts up a bag of chips off the table so as not to make a “crinkle.” Eyeing her mother, she unclips the bag and uncoils its lip. She then tears into the chips with cackles of delights with an enthusiasm not seen since the Tasmanian devil. When she sees her mother looking at her she says, “Mommy, you got some chipses?”

The second setting is a few hours after the children have been tucked sweetly in bed. Songs have been sung, stories have been read and prayers have been prayed. Teeth are sparkling, bladders are empty, animals are sweetly hugged and the moon has been told goodnight. As I place down a book I’m reading, I hear a very slight “cccrreeaakkk.” “What’s that?” “I don’t know.” So I get up to investigate. As I come around the corner I see the girls’ bedroom door come to a close. Pushing open the door there is Rebekah, on tip-toes, pulling her wagon of legos into the room with a wide grin on her face. These are stories of the sneak. Her legend grows with each passing day.

Finally, today is my mother’s birthday. While I desire her to have a very happy birthday, my first consideration must be of her safety, as well as for the rest of those who inhabit London. So, mother – please forgo the birthday cake! Or else tomorrow’s headlines will read….

American Woman attempts to celebrate Birthday in London unsuccessfully.

4 Comments to “Saturdays are for Stories”

  1. You aren’t that far behind me, kiddo. Your turn to have too many candles on your cake is quickly approaching!! Mom

  2. I wonder what constitutes “too many.” One more than the year before?

  3. Sarah asks: what happened to the Chips Mr. Shawzizzle?Hannah asks: did Rebekah eat all the chips Mr. Shawzizzle?Patrick asks: what were you reading Mr. Shawzizzle?

  4. To Sarah: Rezizzle ate the chipses.To Hannah: Yes all the chipses.To Patrick: I don’t remember (I am old as my mommy pointed out earlier).Hope this helps,Mr. Shizawzzle

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