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December 29, 2008

Oxymoron: Failed Evangelism

Our mindset of results, results, results in every aspect of life has paid a terrible toll on our attitudes toward evangelism. Evangelism, of course, requires the actual proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ. Any event or series of events that does not lead up to this actual verbal presentation is not evangelism. But that is another blog…back to my point – if you have spoken the breaking news of salvation by faith through Jesus Christ then it can only be one type of evangelism. Successful Evangelism!

I certainly have my preferences about what modes are most fruitful and encapsulate the matching of the presentation to that which is presented. But this hand-wrenching, heart-twisting fretting that we engage in after the fact belays a misunderstanding of what evangelism is. Our heart is always to see other people come to the place where they submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ. But our hope is not placed on people and their decisions – it is placed on the fact that God is the supreme ruler of the entire universe and that one day every one will kneel in acknowledgment of His reign. Here’s a secret – God uses the evangelism event as much for you in your walk with Him as He does for the recipient of the message. So relax – and the leave the results to God. Be faithful and proclaim His Name to the corners of the earth knowing that all evangelism is successful evangelism.