– Due to my computer taking Christmas off this is a day late, but the sentiment is still as good.

I love the bookends of Jesus’ life. The two most scandalous, offensive events that history has been witness to both are in respect to the person of Jesus the Messiah. May the incredible, indescribable significance of this event of Jesus’ birth be branded upon all of our souls. Through Jesus’ life and death God releases the hounds of heaven – Grace and Mercy – to pursue, overcome, and overwhelm us so that we ecstatically exult in Him who deserves all glory and praise.

Below are the pictures of the end result of the nativity tradition I referred to in my first post this month. Charis, my oldest daughter, was watching a power point presentation on YouTube to “O Holy Night.” As each scene would come into focus she would say things like, “that’s the star that led the wise men to see Jesus” and “that’s the angel telling the shepherds about Jesus’ birth.” On and on she explained the importance of each picture someone else had put together based off our time, as a family, considering the birth of Jesus over the month of December.

Hope your Christmas is as sweet and precious as ours.

– Israel


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